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A subscription includes:
  • Access to financials that are only available to shareholders. The cost to buy one share of each stock in the database costs: $12,427.16
  • Access to information on 76 companies
  • Great tools including: A stock screener, a watchlist, and the ability to export to Excel

Pricing details:
Account Type Rate  
1 year unlimited access as a contributor $75 per year Sign Up Now
1 year unlimited access as a non-contributor $300 per year Sign Up Now

What is a contributor? - A contributor is a user who is helping us grow our database. In exchange for uploading financials on a company not currently included in the database, a contributor receives a discount on their subscription. For a submitted company to be eligible for a discount it must meet the following terms: no banks, the company must be unlisted (not trade on an exchange), not file with the SEC, not file with OTC Markets. List of companies in the database.